Marketing communications & advertisement

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This Webinar will help you to design an advertising strategy for your products and services 

Webinar Overview

The webinar helps you gain a thorough knowledge of the advertising industry: its patterns, and consumer behavior. These elements help you build a comprehensive advertising strategy for your products and services.


Participants would be awarded a certificate of completion from TalentVirges at the end of the webinar.

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Learning Outcomes of this Webinar

This program gives you an overview of the marketing and advertising concepts by incorporating various case studies and relevant theory.  

It opens the doors of creativity required in advertising and marketing industry.  

Webinar Takeaways: 

  • A holistic grasp of Advertising and Marketing communication. 
  • Learn the ropes of Customer Behavior and Psychology. 
  • Incorporate strategic decision-making for your products/services. 
  • Building your brand and positioning in the market successfully. 

Programme Schedule

Live online sessions:

1 hours 30 mins

11th july

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